Machine park

Due to hard work during the last years today our company has a great machine park.

  • Timberjack 1010B and HSM 208 F 6WD forwarders
  • Four tractor units
  • A timber lorry with crane
  • A timber trailer
  • Two timber semi-trailers
  • Three semi-trailers with canvas/platform
  • A car transporter trailer
  • Two Manitou telescopic handlers
  • (Linde) truck
  • Üstünkarli UTANH-UHM 120/H timber-yard
  • WIELOPILA WD 250-350 circular saw
  • Tajfun RCA 400 JOY- firewood processor
  • POSCH –Packfix- firewood storage system
  • Log cutting machine
  • And other manual equipment and tools

Contact Data

Deák Lajos: +40 748 870 954

Boros Zoltán: +40 745 522 204

Tel/Fax: +40 266 221 674



Com. Șimonești,
Cădaciu Mare,
Harghita County,



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