Sale of firewood

Sale of firewood

All types of firewood stocks contain pieces of 33 centimetres because this is the most popular size. We pack beech and hornbeam together and in equal quantities due to their high heating value.

Sale of logs

Sale of logs

After timbering our company sells the good quality beech and oak firewood unprocessed, as logs and in great quantities to furniture factories or other companies.



According to orders we distribute oak, beech, locust, hornbeam and pine timber as edge or non-edge boards, friezes, fence pillars etc.

Pallet production

Pallet production

According to our clients’ requests our company produces pallets from beech, hornbeam and pine.

Contact Data

Deák Lajos: +40 748 870 954

Boros Zoltán: +40 745 522 204

Tel/Fax: +40 266 221 674



Com. Șimonești,
Cădaciu Mare,
Harghita County,



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