According to orders we distribute oak, beech, locust, hornbeam and pine timber as edge or non-edge boards, friezes, fence pillars etc.

In our timber-yard type Üstünkarli UTANH-UHM 120/H we can produce good quality timber from more than 35 cubic metres of logs every day.

Before cutting we clean the logs with high-pressure cleaners (you can see the process if you click on our "Videos" menu point). 

In case you order a whole truck of goods you can also request for the transport of the timber.

Contact Data

Deák Lajos: +40 748 870 954

Boros Zoltán: +40 745 522 204

Tel/Fax: +40 266 221 674

E-mail: office@borsilv.ro


Com. Șimonești,
Cădaciu Mare,
Harghita County,



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